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Founding Fathers is a fascinating and at times controversial history of DJs/emcees/promoters in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, and their roles in hip-hop and NYC sound system culture. While the Bronx is the acknowledged birthplace of hip-hop and home to its greatest and most storied pioneers, Founding Fathers presents the largely untold story of folks like the Disco TwinsDJ DivineDJ LanceNu SoundsKing CharlesPete “DJ” JonesDJ Hollywood, and a bunch of others who were putting it down in the other boroughs during the original school/park jam era. A factual report about unsung DJ’s who contributed to the foundational principals of the music known today as Hip Hop. This documentary transports you to a journey back to the early underground disco days of the streets and parks throughout New York City.

In memory of the late great Pete “DJ” Jones, Rest in Peace.

Dircted by Ron Lawrence and Hassan Pore.