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Finally I had access to the content of a damage HD where i found old interviews and videos i hadn’t published before. Here’s the first Lost Tape. This is video was recorded at the 37th Zulu Anniversary/BlackWatch Reunion at SOB, New York, in November 2010. This is Just Ice, the original gangsta of rap. And as he says in an interview i had with him: I got my influence in Hip Hop from those early days in the Bronx but originally I’m from Fort Green, Brooklyn. That’s where I got lots of my gangster shit from. I didn’t get no Hip Hop from Brooklyn. See that’s why I love Brooklyn in one way and I love the Bronx in another. So the Bronx is for music, Brooklyn for the gangsta shit. That night Just Ice performed Cold Getting Dumb and a new verse for a featuring with Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian)