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To tell the cultural, musical and aesthetic Revolution that brought Hip Hop culture to gain a prominent position in the American pop culture, in collaboration with DJ style on the turntables presents the Louder Than a Bomb Live Set, a musical literary experiment , a mix between a history lesson Hip Hop and a theater piece, where the words alternate with the music to tell the complexity of the black experience in America during the eighties.
In one hour show, illustrates the evolution of this music genre from underground phenomenon rooted in the urban environment, to mainstream one with a large following in suburban America, highlighting the anecdotes, people and technology critical for its development. Similarly, DJ-style masterfully uses vinyls to give evidence of that process on a musical level. DJ Style and create a collage of images, digressions, time shifts, hooks and openings as in the cut & paste of a rap production., a lover of Afro-American history and culture. He writes for Alias – Il Manifesto. He has published 3 books: Bigger than hip hop, Renegades of funk and Louder than a Bomb. Follow on:
DJ Style: is a pioneering Hip Hop DJ in Italy as well as outstanding turntablist. He’s been active in the scene for over twenty years and has collaborated and shared the stage with the biggest names in Italy.