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Lyrics as dangerous to the establishment as the synthesis of art and minds of these two artists, a beat so percussive and futuristic as the movement of resistance it paints sonically. Real Revolutionaries proposes a radical and powerful message, as the imagery of struggle which it intends to spread for the present and future generations. Hard to imagine a different outcome for two individuals who, before embarking on a common artistic path, shared at a distance the culture of the street, the movement, the struggle and the production of revolutionary culture. From the streets of Florida to those of New York, from Rome to Milano, from the Black Liberation movement to the Italian radical left, from Dead Prez to Assalti frontali, to announce thecollaboration between M1, rap group Dead Prez, and Bonnot, producer of Assalti Frontali, the project named AP2P (All Power To the People) and for their forthcoming album.

Real Revolutionaries, from the forthcoming project (scheduled for autumn 2011) anticipates the European tour (December 2011), features two old companions of the Italian producer, the London-based MC General Levy and world famous jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu. Synths and drum machines, doublebass and mandolino, as well as analogic devices are Bonnot’s weapons of choice to produce the tighetst electronic soundtrack for the lirycal revolt of the two MCs whose styles and flows, illegitimate childrens of the African diaspora, technological heirs to the cultural and political rejection and social marginality, creative acts of resistance and liberation, blend and alternate conveying visions of struggle and hope for a future of freedom and social equality.

This is about liberation … not race!
The images of the video, filmed and directed by Andrea Zanoli and Marcello Saurino, alternating scenes of the outskirts of Miami and vintage footage highlighting moments of international black struggle, seem to integrate the rhythm of the beat, providing further visual artillery to
the firepower of the MCs.