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The Birth of Hip Hop in the South Bronx in The 1970s is no Secret…

Few know the effect it had on the 1980’s British Society.


Unstoppable portrays the creative shockwave through the words of those who initiated it. B-boys, MCs, graffiti writers, Djs, producers, Journalists and label managers tell the story of their first encounter with Hip Hop culture, the inspirations and influences behind their own style, and how youth embraced Hip Hop to express their identity and, at the same time, as a form of rebellion against social marginalization. Through practice and dedication, these youngsters became true talented artists who produced an original interpretation of Hip Hop culture, which permanently influenced Britain’s musical and aesthetical tradition.


Film Screening and Discussion

w/ author Giuseppe Pipitone

Tuesday, February 17, 4:30 – 6:30 pm

104 Mt. Auburn Street

Floor 2R, Cambridge, MA


Giuseppe Pipitone is the author of Bigger Than Hip-Hop (2006), Renegades of Funk (2008) and Louder Than a Bomb, which focuses on hip-hop in London and upon which the film Unstoppable is largely based.


UNSTOPPABLE: Directed by Lidia Ravviso, written by Giuseppe Pipitone, produced by Woka

and 11 Little Films