An Oral and Pictorial History of New York City Club the Latin Quarter and the Birth of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era

In the mid-1980s, DJ duo the Awesome 2, along with hip-hop impresario Paradise Gray, helped transform Manhattan salsa club the Latin Quarter into an iconic hip-hop institution. Legends were born in that bustling Times Square club—from Stetsasonic, KRS-One, and Eric B. & Rakim to Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, and A Tribe Called Quest. Unsigned artists could drop a hot set and score a record deal—or get booed off the stage like Amateur Night at the Apollo. You could walk into the club a nobody and come out a star. A musical incubator of hip-hop’s Golden Era, the Latin Quarter was also pivotal in the creation of the the Stop the Violence Movement. [READ MORE]

Henry Chalfant

Henry Chalfant Henry Chalfant deeply personal and contextual approach to understanding the Hip Hop movement has made him one of the most knowledgeable cultural historians to write about the subject.



Ferguson, Black Lives Matter & Hip Hop

Don’t believe the Hype è un’istantanea sulle tensioni razziali, sulle politiche di contenimento e repressione e sulla nascita di nuove forme di attivismo di base che da qualche anno fanno ribollire di energie le strade delle comunità di colore nelle grandi metropoli statunitensi. [Leggi di più]

Featuring: Kali Akuno, Jasiri X, Tef Poe, Rob Biko Baker, Robin DG Kelley, M1 (Dead Prez), Boots Riley (The Coup), Kento.
CoverArt: Kenneth TIN KIN Hung.
Artwork: Gianluca Costantini, Paolo Gallina, Alberto Ponticelli, Sergio Gerasi, GGT, Napal Naps, Paolo Parisi, Cisco.


Charlie Ahearn su Wild Style Charlie Ahearn su Wild Style 35th Anniversary

Per il trentacinquesimo anniversario di Wild Style ripropongo un estratto di una mia intervista con Charlie Ahearn. Attivo nella scena artistica underground newyorkese sin dalla metà degli anni Settanta, Charlie Ahearn ha iniziato la sua carriera di fotografo e regista nel collettivo artistico Co-Lab Collective impegnato nella creazione di Artivism, produzioni culturali funzionali allo sviluppo della creatività e delle forme espressive [...]

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Published Mar 15, 2018
The Soundtrack to #BlackLoveMatters The Soundtrack to #BlackLoveMatters Ashford and Simpson

Almost 50 years after its release, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” may be the most recognizable Soul duet ever recorded.  It’s easy to think that the song’s timelessness has every thing to do with the musical bond that Gaye and Terrell shared, in the studio and on stage, but in reality Terrell recorded her vocals for the [...]

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Published Feb 21, 2018

MC Mello

MC MellO MC MellO

Hip hop is authentic. Authenticity depicts the marriage of Intention, will & action. So that which is real will forever ring true. True Word, true strength, True In Deed. For me, these words represent to the fullest