Giuseppe Pipitone aka

Father & Husband.
Activist & Author.
Lover of Black history and Hip Hop culture.
Believer in the power of oral history.

NAS Fellow 2018-2019

2006 - Bigger Than Hip Hop. La nuova resistenza afro-americana.
2008 - Renegades of Funk. Il Bronx e le radici dell'Hip Hop.
2012 - Louder Than a Bomb. La rivoluzione del rap.
2016 - No Halfsteppin, An Oral and Pictorial History of New York City Club the Latin Quarter and the Birth of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era.
2016 - Unstoppable, a documentary project on the early stages of Hip Hop in London.
2016 - Don't Believe the Hype. Ferguson, BLM e Hip Hop.
2018 - Stand 4 What. Razza, Rap e attivismo nell'America di Trump.

Paradise the Architek

Paradise XClan Paradise XClan

His style adds a twist to the normal way Hip-hop books are written. is changing the game!

The Underground Network

U.NET U.NET Media Assassin
DJ Stile DJ Stile The 12hundred Specialist
Paper Resistance Paper Resistance Self Defence Graphic
Alberto Ponticelli Alberto Ponticelli The Visual Illusionist

Skills to pay the Bills

Hip Hop History & Culture
US Radical Movements