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After the non- indictment decision in the Mike Brown’s case, the streets of the american cities have been flooded by people protesting the criminal justice system and the abuses and violence perpetrated by police in communities of color. I’ve been asked to write and record audio podcast, things for whom i don’t really have time now. So i decided to collect in a single post a number of great articles on such subject which can be very helpful for the ones who don’t wanna rely on corporate media. I’ll be adding further interesting articles. In particular i encourage you all to read Robin DG Kelly’s article on countrpunch; an incredible piece by one of the most brilliant scholars.

Ferguson and the history of riots and protest

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The Rhetorical Ruse: On Justice, Crime and Black Protest

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Why We Won’t Wait

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Barack Obama, Ferguson, and the Evidence of Things Unsaid

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Cornel West: “The state of Black America in the age of Obama has been one of desperation, confusion and capitulation”

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