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hat makes lyricists like Rakim, MF DOOM, Notorious B.I.G. and others stand out? For Heads, reasons can vary but it’s a generally accepted tenet that what makes them and others so great at what they do is their ability to play with language – not just in terms of rhyming patterns, but also in the manipulation of syllables, time, and speed. For many, simply listening to the work of gifted lyricists is enough to convey the complexity and ingenuity of lyrical deftness, but sometimes a visual guide can really bring forth just how ill some rappers’ skills are, particularly with the ever-so-handy online video tool at our hands.

With that in mind, recently published “Rapping, deconstructed: the best rhymers of all time,” a nearly 13-minute long video project which analyzes the lyrical content of Hip-Hop’s most inventive and influential rhymers, from the God MC to Kendrick Lamar. [READ MORE]