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I need a beat,” he says at the track’s start. “I don’t need no turn-up beat. I need some elements. Some hip-hop. Let’s get back to some elements.”  But it’s not the track’s intro that makes the cut incredibly dope, it’s the crazy high-pitched soul sample used and Red’s ear-catching rhymes. “I hate gossip I’ll mash up your media moshpit / Release a baboon in a chatroom / My weed bag’s a vacuum and smuggle / Off of one blunt a bitch gonna f— you,” spits the New Jersey native. The Funkdoc shows his rhyme game is still top notch with his latest video, “Dunfiato.” Not much going on visually (a fisheye lens, a blunt, and a stack of records), so go ahead and lock in on that wordplay. Redman has been preparing fans for the anticipated Muddy Waters 2 for a while, dropping new freestyles and songs here and there. It appears that he is now closer to releasing the project.